Does my best friend's boyfriend actually like her?

Before you say it, no, I don't like him I'm genuinely concerned for her. They've started dating very recently but before they did my friend (I'm going to call her Jill) had already REALLY liked her current boyfriend (cover name: Steve). Anyway, Steve somehow found out about Jill secretly liking him while he was dating our friend (fake name: Holley), so even if Steve liked Jill at the time he couldn't do anything about it. I should say this now, before all of this (and even now) Jill and I were friends with Steve, but Steve and I weren't really very close until after Holley and him broke up. After the break up Steve started asking my advice about Jill knowing that she liked him a lot. One night we were texting and he started ranting, in all caps, about how mad at himself he was because a pretty nice girl finally liked him and he didn't want to date her. He then went on to ask if he should date her just to make her happy, and I advised strongly against it knowing neither of them (especially Jill) wanted a fake relationship. He left it at that, he even asked about how to tell her he didn't like her and all of that. A few days before he officially asked her out we were doing a thing kind of like 20 questions but with unlimited questions and it doesn't have to be yes or no. A little while in he asked who I liked and after a very long time I told him and asked him the same thing. He said no one as well and we moved on. Then after three days he asked her to date out of the blue, and he never specified to me whether or not he actually liked her. To Jill or me. And one more thing, a few nights ago he was even asking about other girls. And, sorry, Jill asked Steve when he asked her out why he had been on and off with liking her, and he said that I had been pestering him about it so he said no, which is not true. I only ever talked to him about it if he asked my advice. I am so confused and this is eating away at me, does he like her or not??? I also felt like I said advice a lot, I apologize.
Asked Jun 27, 2014
I'd slap that boy right in the face!!!! (No he does not like her from what I gather from this)
Answered May 18, 2015

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