NEXUS 4 Phone USB Connection not recognised - Help!

I recently dropped my Nexus 4 LG Phone and the touch screen is now broken, this is not allowing me to use the phone at all. It is still able to switch on, and receiving messages, etc - it's literally just the screen. Before I send my phone off to get fixed I would like to transfer all my pictures and videos over to my laptop. (I do not have a external memory card - they are all on the internal phone memory) I understand you have to chose USB De-bugging in some cases, but I cannot get on my phone to do so. I have tried simply plugging my phone through the USB onto my laptop, but my Windows 7 isn't even searching for it as a device, not recognising it, meaning there's nothing I can do. I can see it's plugged in to the laptop as the phone starts charging whilst it's in..

I have a Google account which my phone is logged into, so is there a way to reverse copy the images from google instead of my phone to google?

Anyone have any suggestions or will my phone purely have to be wiped?

Asked Jun 27, 2014

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