Is dating someone 2 years older than you bad? AWNSER PLEASE

Im in 8th grade.. He's in 10th grade. We've been flirting around and already kissed.. but I don't wanna go out because im scared he's too old for me. Im 13.. hes 15. Yes or no?
Asked Jun 25, 2014
No, I dont think it's bad, it's perfect for me. I always want to date someone who is older than me, now I'm dating a guy who is 8 years older than me :) i'm happy with that. At least not more than 10 years.
Answered Jun 26, 2014
no its not bad when u love someone u should be with them if they love u back of coarse. which it seems like you two's feelings are mutual. so go for it
Answered Jun 26, 2014
I don't think it is bad at all. But if you guys have sex make sure you use a condom. And you might want to make him use an antibacterial penis health creme so his penis is clean for when you partake in oral and other condom-less sex acts. Trust me.. you do not want him to transfer any odor or infection-causing bacteria to you. Good luck.
Answered Sep 26, 2016

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