Im always moody.either sad or angry and I just cant seem to be happy.

im 15 I know at teenage years everyone gets moody but it seems to be more than usually. I get in a totall rage or I get so upset and even have had suicidal thoughts lately. ive been this way for a few years now but I feel worse now, I was getting better but then I just worse again. I get in these moods where im so angry and don't know what to do I get so upset to the point I cry until I cant function and just make myself sick. I cant stop myself from crying and I hate cry so much. I don't know what to do. I cant even talk to any of my family or parents about it :(
Asked Jun 22, 2014
Teenage years are some of the hardest. We go through a lot of changes like starting to try and establish our identities, choose career paths, and choose good friends and relationships. We also deal with a lot of confusing things that are hard to deal with by ourselves, and sometimes we're afraid people wont take us seriously because even thought ewe're not children anymore, we're not adults either and sometimes we get looked down and told "At least you're not dealing with (this or that)", "it's just a phase", "You're over-exaggerating". Now it's true that it's just a phase, and I dont mean "OH youre trying to get attention, you'll get over it" but we all, especially in our teen years experience a level of depression at some point in our lives.

I attempted suicide, had self-harm, and constant back and forth emotions at one point, but I realized that I deserved to be happy. I started doing more things that I liked, dropped negative people in my life, and embraced who I was. It's easy to give up when we're being ruled but such painful emotions, but they are ours and we can control them if we fight hard enough. Please try to avoid suicidal thoughts or attempts; I suspect you are a physically and mentally capable person without any large inhibitors, and if so, you are just SO full of potential. You can do anything, you can be a doctor, or an actor, an artist, anything, and you can change the way you're feeling now. It's hard, but you have to push yourself and realize nothing gets better by giving up.

You don't have to go it alone; please, if you're struggling with serious depression, find a therapist in your area; if you can't afford there are free confidential services online and a suicide hotline for your area if you google it. you can also always go to the hospital or call 911 if you feel you may do something drastic without intervention. Also try to tell these things to your family and friends; you can be surprised by how accepting and understanding thy can be if you calmly and seriously explain you need their support. Try exercises like writing down a list of all the things you want to do and have in the future as inspiration and to remind yourself these hard moments are just moments and will fade away as the future comes with more opportunity for positive change. Explore new hobbies or dedicate yourself to the ones you have now that make you feel good. Watch funny videos, do things for others, and keep quotes that keep you positive. One I like is "In times like these, it's a good thing to remember there have always been times like these."

If you need someone to talk to, please message me directly; I would love to help you out of these feelings. I'm two years older and so I understand where you're coming from. All my hope and love :)
Answered Jun 22, 2014

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