Worried by symptoms, do I need to see my doctor?

I have had a tremor for as long as I can remember (I have been told it is likely an essential one in the past). I went to the doctor to discuss it a while ago as I also sweat a great deal and a friend suggested it may have been a hormone thing. I had a blood test (for thyroid function I think) and it came back fine. However I have since been told (incidentally whilst taking part in a demonstration) that I have 'brisk reflexes' I was told not to worry about it as I was otherwise well. But am I well? that is 2 neuro type things wrong with me. Am I just being paranoid? the only other thing I struggle with is improving my fitness (seems to take longer than normal for me to see cardio improvements and I am really weak and struggle to improve this) I always assumed I was just 'not built for sport' (I am normal weight fyi) but I am not fully convinced that is a real thing!
I don't want to waste my doctors time as I don't feel sick and my tremor doesn't really stop me doing anything (it is a bit embarrassing though) Do you think I should make an appointment? Am I just being paranoid?
Asked Jun 20, 2014

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