Pregnancy? or another symptom?

I have a friend who is curious as to whether his girlfriend is pregnant or not.
He informed me about her symptoms; her breasts feel tender and she had more white discharge than she was supposed to. Her period occurred three days after the day it was due, her cramps are worse than usual, and her blood has more orange to it than red. She has also had frequent headaches, but the other symptoms (back pain, gas, nausea) are actually normal for her (her nausea is induced by stress, and even then she doesn't have heavy vomiting.
Also, no weird cravings or mood swings. Is it possible that this girl is pregnant? Or could it be another symptom?
Asked Jun 19, 2014
Best bet is to take a pregnancy test. This has happened to me it's safe to say she will have brown discharge after the period is over. Since it was late the cramps were bad for me. Wait till the period is over have he take a test 3 days later. Not all girl a bodies work the same. For me I went back to normal. It read about it and sometimes delayed periods can cause a lot of symptoms you asked above.
Answered Jun 20, 2014
Actually, she started bloating, and now looks slightly swollen. Headaches and dizziness started today. But she took a test a few days ago, two actually, and the doctors told her no hCG was present and that she's not pregnant. I simply don't believe it.

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