I just modified my child support, just to have him lie again about his income?

Just modified child support, its been 4yrs and a lot has changed as well as the fact I found out he was bragging about getting away with less support last time. Tried my best to make sure this didn't happen this time, but unfortunately I couldn't afford a lawyer and he could. He put on his income and expense forms that he makes $2700 mo. when his pay stubs showed 3 times as much Year to Date. There was no proof on his end of such a low amt, his lawyer did the guideline calculator falsifying the accurate numbers. I asked the judge to look further into his numbers recommended by the Dcss but the judge just went with the lawyers request without checking the proof on his stubs. I am so frustrated this so easily happened and and modifying all over again, the support amt is off by 100s of dollars, he lives spending a lot of money and his stubs showed that last mo alone he made $10,000 yet he was able to write down any old number and they took it without even looking at the proof. What is the best and quickest way to fix this situation and get them to pay attention to the proof in front of them. Dcss says they have to wait 6mo to now address it on their end.
Asked Jun 18, 2014
See if you can find a legal service nearby that will handle your case for free. Instead of taking his word on what his income is, the court should have requested time sheets, pay stubs, etc. directly from his employer. Never rely on an ex spouse to supply their own information.
Answered Dec 31, 2017

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