What should I do next? Answer please and i'll try to answer ur questions too.

My crush rejected my request on facebook. I havent yet told her that I love her infact I had never talked to her. what should I do next?? sending her another request might annoy her!! Please answer.
Asked Jun 17, 2014
Well first off you need to talk to her. No one is going to like you if they have never spoken to you. Try to start a conversation and make her laugh. Once she gets to know you you stand a great chance. Don't ask for a friend request immediately because if she doesn't know you she isn't going to accept. Get to know her, use your charm, be funny, and just be yourself. Girls love it when they feel comfortable around someone. Feel free to tease her but make sure it isn't mean. All I can say is you have to make an effort to talk to her (I know it can be scary) and only hope for the best. Good luck!
Answered Jun 17, 2014
Lol it isnt only scary but it is kind of impossible to talk her keeping in view our society (i live in pakistan) . had she be in my school I could have talk. She lives in my neighbourhood.
Kazz Jun 18, 2014
If you haven't talked to her, she might think you're some stranger. Trust me, if I hadn't talked to my crush and I didn't know who they were sending me a request, I wouldn't accept it. Is there any way you could tell her you like her or somehow get to know her and talk to her without be friends with her on Facebook? Don't worry, she just doesn't know who you are. Girls are a LITTLE more cautious than boys. Maybe try talking to her. You could just ask her a question maybe, or start a conversation by something small. Really hope I helped!
Answered Jun 18, 2014
Thanks u did. but she must know me but again (a muslim girl knowing someone but havent talked to him is equal to not knowing :P )
Kazz Jun 18, 2014
U haft to put ur heart out there might not work but u will get it off ur chest ....like I did but sadly didnt work :/ keep positive! ! Xp
Answered Jun 18, 2014
Sorry I didnt get u
Kazz Jun 19, 2014
Ya :3 you gotta talk to her then tell her :3 it might not work but you will finally get it off your chest
Hmm true. But im afraid of rejection. Its the first time I fell in love with a girl and im18
Kazz Jun 20, 2014
She barely knows you. You need to talk to her to get here interested in you (sorry if it seems like im copying the above answers) Girls arent gona notice guys right away you have to approach and talk. Just one day be like hi. when your in class and sitting down and she will say hi back then try and start a conversation from there.
Answered Jun 18, 2014
She aint a class fellow. We live in the same neighbourhood she never comes out. When she does she is with her parents
Kazz Jun 24, 2014
talk to her don't bring it up right away kinda make something up to talk to her but try not to be mean/rude cuz ur mad but u might not be mad try to make it where she will haft to bring it up maybe it was an accident maybe she just pushed the wrong answer
Answered Jun 21, 2014

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