What are some of the best techniques for Asian cooking that you have read?

Asian food has a few techniques that need to be applied to cook. These can be ways to cook meat, ways to cook vegetables, simple hacks and tricks to make a quick recipe, time saving tactics, how to peel, different cuts of vegetables and meats. Tell us any tips and tricks that you use in the kitchen every day!
Asked Jun 17, 2014
The best tip that I have read to cook Asian food: While stir-frying add food to the wok in this order: Aromatics (garlic, ginger, chiles, etc.), meat or seafood, then vegetables with a sprinkling of water for steam.

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Answered Jun 18, 2014
This is simple, yet we often fail to remember! Squeezing some fresh lime onto spicy meat dishes will help balance out the heat and make the spice easier to handle. Only add lime juice after or right before you take something off the heat;cooking the juice will dull the flavor and defeat the purpose. You can also add sugar to neutralize some of the heat of spiciness, but remember not to add too much sugar as you don’t want a sweet product!
Answered Jul 03, 2014

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