Should I marry a rich guy?

hi.. its me Aliaa, a muslim 20 year age , a 2nd year engineering student.. 4 months back I met a guy in a friends gathering.. we met two times and had a very gud time.. I got my studies transferred to karachi.. when I came back just within a month I got a marriage proposal from him. he is in 4TH year MBBS , and v.v rich.. he says he fell in love with me , in our first meeting.. his parents are agreed..they have seen me in pics.. they are willing to come with a proposal..but I have asked for short time father is not agreed with it..he says that we will not be able to meet their levels as we belong from a middle class... my mum is agreed with the proposal.. I love him.. and he loves me too.. I can think of living without him, but on the other side , im feeling a bit complexed . what should I do ?
Asked Jun 15, 2014
hmmm ask yourself first do you love him because hes rich or you love him cuz he makes you happy? also take more time to know him better. having a quick marriage might not be as succesfull. in my opinion I would probably wait 3 years to get to know the person that I want to share my life with so I know that im 100% happy with this man. obviously its up to you but remember money isnt happiness. being happy is getting treated like a queen and getting all the respect that you deserve. hoped I helped x
Answered Jun 15, 2014
DONT they think your gold diggers they play with you they are cheap my aunt had that happen IT CHANGED HER COMPLETELY she takes pain meds now because he made her work when her hand was in trouble from bloodclots
Answered Oct 11, 2016

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