Can anyone help me with a major computer problem? I think our internet box I think has a virus!

I'm having major problems with my internet and need help badly!!! Since I put in the Comcast Box there has been nothing but problems!! My dad had an older computer hooked directly into the box while I ran my laptop wireless. After about a month u cld notice stuff was going seriously wrong and it got to the point where I had to have a new Hard Drive, OS, everything re-done on my laptop (Actually all 3 of my Laptop's). It worked great when he did it but the second the laptop was turned back on it started to do the exact same things as before. Somehow it erases the OS, Word, Excel, Etc.. and when I re-install them they are just plug-in's or add-on's plus it's eating up my ram like crazy!! I have 4 gb. of DDR2 Ram and it's down to just about nothing again and it's only been a month!! This was fresh ram to, IDK what's going on or how to fix it....DOES ANYONE HAVE A CLUE AS TO WHAT MIGHT BE GOING ON WITH THIS COMCAST BOX?? This is my last of 3 Laptops and I can't go without internet so someone please help!!!!! The other 2 didn't even last a week before they were completely burned out and this one is going on a month now.....u can tell it's some type of multi-boot system and it won't let me get rid of certain updates that were put on as soon as it was re-started from the fresh install of everything.
Asked Jun 11, 2014
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Answered Jul 06, 2021

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