He knows I like him? Help pls(I'll answer your question if you answer mine)

Ok look, there's a boy I like and we didn't talk 4 a long time because he acted very jerky to me. Soo I have two guy friends and two bestgurlfriends and they're the only ones who know about my crush in him... But my crush suddenly got in his ear the words that I like him, and for a fact my guy friends are also his close friends so I thought that they told him... But they didn't for real say a word. They said that my crush "understood" that I like him by himself and another of his friend.... And the boys were talking about this all together and now every guy know that I like him. But the strange thing is that no one is joking about me liking him...and today my guy friends told me the hole thing and than they went straight to my crush and told him smth in his ear while staring at me .... And he was not lol but he was kind of happy. Then I went to my seat and I was so sad I wanted to cry and the guy I have In front of me started to kind of lol and went straight to my crush and told him smth in his ear..... I'm soooo confused pls help I know it's too long but pls read it I need help....
Asked Jun 10, 2014
TLTR but, It seems like you need to talk to your crush yourself, all this talking behind you makes the whole thing so confusing for everyone of you!
I'ts really hard and scary to confess to someone you secretly care about, but for things to happen you really should take the first step c: //nea
Answered Jun 10, 2014
While if he smiled then theres a good chance he likes you. You need to talk to him yourself. There is no point hiding now that he knows about it. Dont be afraid just be yourself.
Answered Jun 10, 2014
Talk to him. Also, can you answer the question I posted?
Answered Jan 12, 2015

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