What work can I do in Indonesia?

By the end of this year, more likely in October, we will be in Indonesia. My husband has a job offer in Jakarta and his offer comes with bringing his family there to live with him. Of course, that would be the best for everyone but the problem is that would mean I had to stop working. It is actually fine with me but I do not want to be a plain housewife, I want to continue working there.

I am a nurse, based on what I heard, nurses are not so in demand in the country. I am willing to do just anything possible. What work can I do there? I already checked on Axis Capital Group at http://www.axishcl.com/?ui=jobs but nothing seems to be working.
Asked Jun 09, 2014
Edited Jun 09, 2014
There are many secretarial jobs that is hiring now I am currently looking for a job abroad and I target Indonesia as well. You said you are willing to do just anything; a secretarial job is not so bad.
Answered Jun 13, 2014
I don't suppose you have any trips to Indonesia every now and then? If so, make researches instead - go to user groups and the like networks as much as you can. You will learn more before moving and living there for good.
Answered Jun 15, 2014
Job hunting is all depends you resume and skills on the seeking part, since you have a degree it will be easier. Good luck on your new phase in life.
Answered Jun 17, 2014
Edited Jun 22, 2014
I suggest you learn Bahasa, it will help you on finding job there in no time. You still have time to do so.
Answered Jun 19, 2014
You can try and visit axis human capital group, you will find many career advice there especially being an expat in Jakarta. Best of luck to you and your family.
Answered Jun 25, 2014

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