Should I stop being friends with her she thinks my boyfriend wants her?

So I have this friend Ive known for 7 years. An yesterday I bought my boyfriend to church. She kept turning around an starring at us. An she said my boyfriend was looking at her butt an he wasnt. Even if he was why did she make a big deal about saying she was trying help me an keep me from being hurt an she told me my boyfriend had wondering eyes. She thought she was doing a good deed by telling me this. I think she wants me to secretly leave my boyfirend so I can be single an miserable like her. Should I cut her off? I think she made a big deal out of nothing.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jun 09, 2014
It might be as you say, but your friendship have lasted already 7 years, maby you can talk things out? I personally, would have a serious talk with her and then decide if you want to end the friendship. And things also depends on how much you trust your boyfriend of course. But to me, honestly, it sounds like she's jeleous. I wish the best for you~
Answered Jun 09, 2014
Thank you

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