I need help, quick please!

So basically in school my old friend well lets name him 'y' he recorded a video of my mate in the toilet lets name him 'a'. Y then sent the video to me and that was a year ago, a couple days ago I was looking through my files and found the clip and I watched it, then my mate lets call him 'v' was sitting next to me and he was begging for me to send it him so I did but before I did I told him if anything happens its youre responsibility . I regret that so much now V showed it to everybody and that A found out about it and as me and A and Y are no longer friends he snitched to a teacher. Now I told my mate 'V' to lie about what happened but he didn't :( , then the teacher told me if I dont say the truth the police will get involved so I addmited that I sent the video to V at this point after I told her she lost trust in me as I lied to her. But I told her Y recorded it and sent it to me but as I lied she doesnt believe me no longer. So I got 9 hours or so until school and I need help ASAP as what to say and what to do next any suggestions?
Asked Jun 09, 2014
Edited Jun 09, 2014

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