Is my doctor correct in that I am 'obese'?

I was recently really upset to be told by by doctor that I am very close to being categorised as Obese due to my BMI, despite not asking for a BMI check! It has led me to feeling really down about myself, and constantly googling my body shape, weighing myself and avoiding food. I used to have issues with eating, and so it has really affected me in that I am now finding myself restricting my food to around 400 calories a day plus fresh juice, which I know is unhealthy but I feel so awful about what she said to me, I can't help it.

But my boyfriend thinks she must have gotten it wrong. I am around 165cm and 70kg. But I am a size 8/10 (UK Size), with a flat stomach apart from swelling from an operation a few weeks ago and some previous scars. I also have very muscular legs due to having played a large amount of sport and seemingly never ending muscle build up regardless of how little exercise I do. There is very little fat at all on my legs. I do, however, have 36H breasts, which have caused problems with my back previously, and I am wondering if they have caused me to be classified as very overweight when I would disagree with this?

I feel very self conscious at the moment, and being given a leaflet about 'portion control' by my doctor without having asked was humiliating when I am so busy I usually only have time for one meal a day. I find it hard to believe that the little I eat is already too much, hence my alternative of just not eating anything at all most of the time now, to see if this works as it has previously.

Hope you guys can give me some guidance =(

Asked Jun 09, 2014
Edited Jun 09, 2014
Youre not obese but you are overweight. When I run your height and weight in a BMI calculator it comes at 26. A healthy BMI is between 25 and 29 so youre just 9 pounds (or 4.08 kilo) overweight. Don't feel bad or discouraged about your body. Everyone is beautiful, all shapes and sizes whether it be 00 or 100! The matter isn't appearance or preference though, its health.

Anyone can say that they are "big and beautiful" or "fine and thin" and they might very well be perfect in the eyes of some people and themselves, but if youre too light or too heavy, its unhealthy. Dont let this gt you down, people can be beautiful in any body, but if you had the choice of a healthy or unhealthy one, why would you risk yourself? To be eating as little as you are is very unhealthy, and if you continue you'll either become anorexic or go back to overeating which at that point will have wrecked your metabolism. Anorexics, bulimics, and bingers only get better or kick the bucket. There is no such thing as a healthy, happy anorexic/bulimic/over-eater.

I suggest you slowly make changes to your life until youre able to eat healthy amounts to maintain a healthy weight at your frame (you can find this out y googling calorie expenditure calculators, weight loss calculators, etc or by consulting your doctor.) Take up walking more and running, swapping unhealthy snacks for healthy more filling ones, and if you find yourself eating when you're not hungry/have eaten enough that day, try to do something else to pass time and keep yourself from over-eating. Little changes build into big results when you keep at them!

I want to stress again that you are gorgeous and lovely, this isnt about changing or staying as you are to defy or impress others, its about being healthy so you keep your beautiful self around for you and your loved ones a have a long happy life. All my hope and love to you in your endeavors!

(i suggest that if you think you weigh more because of muscle mass you go make an appointment to have it measured by a doctor or fitness instructor as muscle of course weighs more than fat and scales weigh everything without differentiation to particular areas (water, muscle, fat) That way you can find out if your body muscle percentage and find out if your body fat percentage is healthy. Think about if youre staying hydrated as if you dont, water weight can sometimes build. Its a paradox, when youre not hydrated your body says "oh no! we're not getting enough water! better store some for later since I can't be sure when ill get some next." and when you start regularly hydrating yourself your body says "OH! now im getting enough water on a regular basis, ill let it all go now since I can be sure I have enough to consistently work off of." So just be conscious of these little areas as well :) )
Answered Jun 09, 2014
Edited Jun 09, 2014
Well I dont know much but all I can really help you with is be yourself and diets don't really help when it comes to losing weight, cardio and such works better look up some youtube vids they can really help. I have this app on my phone, a cardio
one and I do it every morninng so if you have an iphone you can get it if you look in the apple store it has really made a difference :)
hope this help
Answered Jun 09, 2014
There is a good chance your doctor was talking about your muscles since Muscle weighs more then fat. You are over weight but no in a bad way. Keep those muscles.
Answered Jun 10, 2014

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