Is there any help or advice please?

Ok where do I Start...

Basically im 34 years old with a little girl from a previous relationship "shes 5 now" and I paid £250 a month since day dot...and thats never been an issue, iv worked all my life and stand up to my responsibility's, iv just found out my new girlfriend has become pregnant which is a bit of a miracle to be fair as she was told she may never be able to have kids 80/20% against her!!.... anyway as you can imagine shes over the moon and so am i, now my problem lays here....

I earn anything between £1600 - £2100 a month take home. now my total out goings are my daughter, a loan I had, and a few other odds and ends that make up around £400per month.. we currently dont live together which is what were planning on doing rent this way for a 2 bed flat, "not buying" is around £700 + bills so around £1000per month which leaves us with "on a bad month" £200 which as you all know wont go anywhere. plus we need to get all the furnishings im gonna try get Saturday work from somewhere to make ends meet. iv given up smoking since I found out and cut going out etc. but it just seems impossible from where im looking at it at the mo. I know the scams etc like saying we dont live together etc but im to straight for that and wouldnt wanna keep looking over my shoulder. now is there any help/benefits etc that can help? I really wanna do it on my own but unless I go drug dealing or something I cant see how where gonna do it.... any input would be fantastic...
Many thanks peops

I know some my look down on me saying "well cant afford it dont have it etc" please remember it was a mistake condom split and with her maybe never being able to have kids its a happy but stressful time for us.

Asked Jun 05, 2014

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