Need help whether this girl likes me I'm a girl too?

I'm a 14 year old in 8th grade there's this beautiful, attractive girl in my class that just doesn't stop staring at me. We talk a little bit, but when she does she seems very nervous and doesn't know what to say. And believe me I don't know what to say either. We classified each other as friends even though we don't talk a lot. Almost everyday we stare at each other when we are with our friends, walking into the classroom, even when eating lunch or just at our lockers. But as she gets more comfortable around me she often says Hi to me, or asks if I'm ok which I don't know why she would ask me that. I often give her gifts she gives me a hug and says thank you. Lately when she just got out of a relationship she started to kinda become independent and lonely for while then later on started to flirt with me. But the problem is she's I guess one of those typical popular girls who's always around her friends, she's usually surrounded by a group of boys at her locker, and talks about them to much. I would like to talk to her but I never get the chance. I think about her to much. I guess I'm bi but I'm confused if she likes me b/c she seems straight to me. NEED ANSWERS B/C TOMMORROW'S THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL AND I HAVE THIS FEELING I´M NEVER GOIN TO SEE HER EVER AGAIN IN HIGH SCHOOL!
Asked Jun 04, 2014
Edited Jun 11, 2014
Are you bi and its going to be ok I promise
Answered Jun 06, 2014
Yes I'm bi

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