Please help ASAP! (Girls only)

Ok so my last period was in April. I didn't get it in may...Am I pregnant? But...I can't even get pregnant because I'm a virgin and no sperm has been anywhere near my vagina. Plus I don't have in regular periods or whatever you call it. Please help me to understand what this means. By the way I'm a 13 yr old girl
Asked Jun 03, 2014
its ok this exact same thing happen to me earlier this year and I thought the same thing too
when your young your body is still trying to figure itself out so you can have irregular periods which means you can be 2 weeks early or 2 weeks late
i hope you get what I mean!!!!
dont worry it will come soon!
Answered Jun 03, 2014
Well I think even if your period is irregular, it can skip. Which means you won't get your period that one month. It could also skip twice in a row, but if it skips more than that, you might want to tell your mom or (if you have one) older sister about it. Good luck!
Answered Jun 25, 2014

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