I'm 12 and fat. how do I lose weight without my parents knowing?

Asked Jun 02, 2014
Why don't you want you're parents to know?
Well how do you know you're fat? It depends on your height, not your age. Look up a weight/height chart for your gender to find out if you really are fat. I'm 12 too and I thought I was fat, but I'm not. If you really are fat, then a good way to help you lose weight is to eat right. Cut back on candy and soda, always eat breakfast (yes eating breakfast actually helps a lot), and eat more fruits and vegetables. And don't forget to drink lots of water! And make sure you get at least a little exercise every day. A few laps around the house, swim in a pool if you can, that sort of thing. Good luck :)
Answered Jun 02, 2014
I agree with DramaQueen, eat the right foods and ditch the bad. Drink lots of water and exercise! Eating a good protein filled breakfast will start your day off giving you the energy needed and keeping you feeling fuller for a longer time period. Also, you are only 12, you are still growing and as long as you start eating the correct foods and stop snacking as much on junk and sodas & exercise, you will grow up and you will be beautiful!
Answered Jun 02, 2014

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