Seriously, WTF is wrong with UPS?

Ok so I ordered a pair of skullcandy headphones the beginning of last week, and got a tracking number the next day, well by that afternoon I decided to jump onto the UPS Tracking website to see the status, it had showed that UPS has encountered an error and my package has been delayed, to expect at least one business day delay. well I was like ok, I can understand that, and decided to check back the next morning. So I check the next morning and its still on delay. So I decided to call UPS and couldnt get ahold of anyone. I hve been tracking my package for 7 days and it hasnt moved out of delay. I keep trying to call UPS but never get through to anyone. WTF??????? Do they not update their tracking system, do they not give a crap. I mean I paid money for these stupid headphones, and im past the point of being ticked off by this. I dont understand. 7 DAYS ON DELAY!!!!!! Hell my delivery is between 5-7 days. If my headphones dont come today, im gonna go crazy!!! Can anyone think of a reason as to why UPS has delayed my package for 7 days???? I sure as hell cant think of one!!!!!

P.S. I ordered them on Sunday of last week so May 25, 2014...and recieved a tracking number Monday, so my package shipped out some time Monday , so today makes the 7th day its been in delay, and my delivery was 5-7 days from the day it shipped out.
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Asked Jun 02, 2014
Edited Jun 02, 2014
All I can say is "WTF"?
Sue them and earn all the moneys
Answered Dec 12, 2016

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