Care for a ps3 while your mother is horrible at taking care of it

So I have a ps3 it was expensive :( it was a
Ast of us playstation bundle and we went to gamestop and bought it for 400 when we could have gone to toys r us and got it for less! >:| so Iv been taking care of it I apply fresh new thermal paste every couple of months and I suck out dust but my mother practically ruins it!! I bought an inter cooler (my money she ordered it online) and she won't let me out it in I went on a trip and guess what I came back to find the ps3 coverd in dust extremely heated up I was so mad she played music while she slept and kept it on all day long and I opend it and the fan stopped I got a new fan from my friend (her ps3 is cracked but the fan was okay :) yay!) I replaced it and she kept complaining on how ps3 are supposed to always be turnd on and that this one is bad and she is bad at taking care of it I somtimes suck out dust and put it infront of the fan while playing but she insists on puting it in a box and using it in the box -.- it was expinseive she does this to all my electronics my laptop she keeps on a pillow and then yells at me Becuase I apparently use it to much that it burned her lap my cell phone she yells at me Becuase I washed it with a moist rag "flip phone" and just let's them collect dust -.- how do I take care of it I'm THinking about really saving up money (babysitting and suck the same way I earned money for my ps3) and buying her a ps3 for her to mess up and ruin she'll then just buy a new one for her and the cycle continues while I can have it to myslefe sorry if this is long .-. I just felt like saying all of this if I simply siad "she uses my ps3" u wouldn't get it so SORRY :(
Asked May 29, 2014
Cum in it the cum will help heat leave and let cool air in
Answered May 30, 2014

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