What are the Martial-Arts contests that are additional besides fighting and the UFC?

What are the Martial-Art contests that are additional apart from fighting and the UFC that more fighting styles? (the main reason I-say since nearly every individual within the fighting does exactly the same fighting styles that's. Wrestling, Muay Thai, and BJJ, not that I mind these disciplines, it is that I dislike seeing everybody utilizing the same precise factor with no selection simply because they produce a complex for themselves)
Asked May 29, 2014
The UFC IS fighting. Martial Arts may be the activity, the Best Fighting Titles is one of the most significant businesses that are promotional.

And never everybody does the same. The truth is that after blows begin traveling, the fundamentals, that are virtually exactly the same in most fighting styles are reverted towards by everybody.

And undoubtedly you will find martial arts contests that are additional. You will find contests just for about every martial-art available, from karate to kungfu to TKD to wrestling to Thai to Judo to Sumo to Hapkido. But many of them have really limited guidelines when compared with fighting.
Answered May 29, 2014
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Answered May 29, 2014

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