Someone is using my info for car insurance quotes on the same car.

So recently in my email account I have been getting emails from all this auto companies giving me insurance quotes for the same car and with my name. I haven't contacted any auto insurance places. Someone is using my information with my email and has made multiple accounts which I can log into because this person didn't change the password. So I have this idiots info now. Thing is I am not sure what to do, this guy has my name and email but what else does he have of mine? Is there anything I can do or charge him with? I don't know why he is using my info to search for car quotes on the same car.
Asked May 26, 2014
Reliance provide a car insurance with affordable price.They provide a information about quotes.
Answered Dec 14, 2015
You may be able to add someone to your car insurance policy if they are related to you or live at the same address. Whether you're thinking of loaning your car to a friend for a quick trip, or buying a car with your roommate, here are some scenarios to consider for more visit you can check:
Answered Nov 27, 2018

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