How can I make my guinea pig more comfortable, it was shaved by a groomer :(

I took my long haired guinea pig for its regular trim but for some reason the new member of staff decided to completely shave off all of its fur :( The wee thing appears really unhappy and uncomfortable and I don't know how to make it feel more comfortable, does anyone have any suggestions? Phoned back and was told to put sudocrem on it but to watch it incase it tried to like it off as this would make it sick!!
Asked May 25, 2014
That's not very good they should've been more professional about this and it's a chance your guinea will lick the sudocrem off if I was in your position id just add a little extra bedding so she/he is warm because all of the poor things fur has been shaved and you could phone a different vet up and find out what they say and if they want you to give sudocrem then do it. Hope I helped
Answered May 26, 2014

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