How to throw a fun sleepover in living room?

I can't have the sleepover in my bedroom and I have to spend the whole day with my friend in the living room. My friend is coming at 3 or 4 in the afternoon today (It's 12:39 now) and leaving the next day at around 11-ish. The living room has a large sofa, a large armchair and a large ottoman. It has a big TV with hundreds of channels. I also have 2 goldfish in a tank. I'm not allowed to leave the house and I can go to every other room in the house apart from the bedroom. I have a large terrace outside and my neighbours have a dog but my mum is allergic so he's not allowed to come into the house. We arranged the sleepover yesterday night so we didn't have any time to plan it, meaning I have no snacks or anything apart from french fries. I'm worried the sleepover is going to suck and it'll be a shame because we've had them together loads of times. (We're best friends) what can I do in the living room to have a fun sleepover? I still have about 2 or 3 hours to plan it but I'm not allowed to go to town or anything today.
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Asked May 24, 2014

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