Im 13 and 285 lbs and im looking for a girlfriend what should I do?

This is the point of my life where I think about how great it would be if I had someone in my life like a girlfriend im 285 pounds and im on a diet but still I dont think im in any ones league and I feel like im ugly. what should I do?
Asked May 23, 2014
You should do some exercise first man!! try t25 or insanity.
Thx I'll look into that
What else should I do? Btw im completely straight
Your "huskiness" depends on your height. I'm not quite in shape myself, your age and 5'9 at 225 lbs. Try biking.
Answered May 23, 2014
Thx derpatron thats really helping plus with working out for an hour at night before bed is really helping too Im already loaimg weight! :)
Losing not loaimg
Happy I could help! I might try that myself... :P
Um... Lose weight
Answered May 25, 2014
I'm sorry! That's was soooooooo rude!!!! You know what? Don't worry about your weight. If you find a girl and she says "ew. I won't date you cuz your fat." And she walks away, then SHE AINT RIGHT. Now stop worrying about girls, and go eat a pizza like the beautiful b**** you are! :)
You could lose weight by playing sports, just going outside on long walks everyday (and Im talking like, 6-8 km daily) and going on a diet. Also, girls like guys with longer hair. So you can grow your hair a bit longer and take care of it properly. Don't make dirty jokes and get a hobby. It should definetly help ^-^ good luck~
Answered May 25, 2014
I'm a girl, 13, 99 lbs, 5'7'' -_-
Yeah, that requires exercise for me.
Well you're not ugly but why diet ? Dieting only makes you wanna eat more.
Maybe, try sports. Basketball really helps.
1. Eat in RED PLATES. It seriously works and makes you want to eat less.
2. Drink 1 glass water before eating and keep drinking between the meal.
3. Drink 9 glasses of water/day.
5. Sports, yeah !
6. Be the man you really are. maybe find a girl like you.
Best of Luck !! :)
Answered May 26, 2014

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