How can applicants for jobs on-line know they are treated fairly?

Cargill International, MN, hired a Flying Four-Plants Manager who was a Mechanical Engineer working in a steel plant in Utah (Geneva, 1976) when their job-order specifically required a Chemical Engineer working in an anhydrous ammonia plant! Anhydrous ammonia is a BY-PRODUCT of steel-making, as the recruiter found. [Keyword-scan would have NEVER found the successful candidate!] Maybe more than "keyword selection" is needed when choosing a candidate to be interviewed? It is estimated (on-line) that 70% of the other “eligible candidates” are ruled-out by keyword-search! What are the validity and reliability ratings for employers selection software? Are they ever approved by the U.S. Department of labor? No approval numbers (D.O.L.) and dates ever displayed??? Applicants are helpless!
Asked May 21, 2014
Edited May 21, 2014

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