Listen to "emo music" without mum getting mad :(

So I really like bands we loud music and scremo and I listen to it a lot but my mom doesn't even let me wear long sleeved shirts -.- she yelled and hit me when I listen to it without headphones are there any bands that start out light and then at the end are loud so I can put headphones and act like the calm part was the music??. Idk help!
Asked May 19, 2014
i was exactly like you. but heres some advice: just wear earphones. it sounds waaaaayayyyyyy better. trust me.
Answered May 27, 2014
Listen to what you want if your mum hits you that's domestic abuse and should be reported
Answered Feb 01, 2016
Yeah if your mom is abusing you tell a school counciler cause thats child abuse but I would suggest the band coldplay if anything.
Answered Feb 01, 2016

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