Am I going to jail for admitting to using at my po screening

first offense drug charge
Asked May 18, 2014
I've been on probation b4 and my brother has been on probation since he was 15..He's 23 now. On his second dwi. He comes out dirty all the time n yes he got mtr motion to revoke but got a bond n got bailed out like tons of times. My situation was for bud and was about 10 yrs ago was my first offense and I came out dirty for weed every time and didn't get locked up but I was paying my fines n doing community service they just extended my probation. But it all depends on ur p.o. if he's a dick then yeah he can mtr. I nv finished my probation just stopped reporting and went to jail for 5 days n got bailed out n then they dropped it. Since I paid off all my fines. Nv been in trouble since was in 07. But ur not supposed to come out dirty they can lock u up if they want. Just stay clean or go on the run n save all ur money u will have to do some time tho when u get out b4 ur court date pay off the fine that's all they really care about.
Answered Mar 05, 2015

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