Does he actually like me or is it some kind of joke?

I've just started high school and as usual people start dating. That's cool and all but a guy at school has asked me out and I'm not sure what to say. He's kind of funny and I'd be willing to give him a chance, but I'm not so sure. He can be a show off at times and likes to joke flirt with people a lot, when he's mucking around. He said he liked me and at first I thought he was joking but he's kept it up for a long time and his mates have repeatedly told me that he loves me and I should go out with him. Some of my friends say I should go out with him and others have said I shouldn't. I'm totally confused and this situation is really annoying me. If you have any ideas plz help me!
Asked May 16, 2014
All I know is that when a guy acts differently around you (in a good way) than the other girls, its a sign that he likes you. A second sign is that when a guy is into a girl, he tells it to his friends and that results in his friends teasing him about you (make sure he's a good guy though cause this might be just a joke. They're guys and they're hard to understand)

My advice to you is follow your heart :) if you're interested, you should try dating him. It never hurts to try.

Oh and please tell me you know this guy for more than a month cause when you know him for about 2 or 3 months(it depends) or more, you'll know when he's joking about something or not.
Answered May 16, 2014
Edited May 16, 2014

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