Please I need you people help here , this is discuss between pple down in here .

Here is it , there is a girl that I like .
And she is ok with me because I talked to her once
She was given me fine way to look over me ,then
, in two days ago I was walking in front of her then I said hi to her and she replied me . Then passed her because she surrender with her frinds.
IN Next day I saw her at plaza area,She was with her frinds also and I was talking to my friend when we were walking in front of her, the thing here my friend he doesn't know about because I had not talk to him that am crush on her ..then he realized the girl was stiring at me till I passed her he said there's agirl looked at you do you any connections with her? I told him who is da girl ? My friend says look back she is siting there , I looked back I saw her but she pretend like she was not looking at me ever ,
AFTER two days , I was walking far from her but she can look at me and I did look at her till I became near to her she stand with her and showed me her back her frinds don't know that I was walking in their "my girl the only one saw me in far way " I don't why she showed me her .baxk I need an explain here .. and one more thing she usually show up in some places that I can saw her before I talked to her but now she never showed up and her friend keeping staring at me .. even with out her .... I need a help her . And what is the meaning of her move ?
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This is one of the people answer

she likes u
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This is the second one answered

Girls are complicated I don't understand them and I'm a girl
when I found out someone had a crush on me I blanked them because my friends where teasing me which was so annoying her friends are highly likely teasing her so she's blanking you.
but on the good side she most probably does like you if she keeps looking at you and is blanking you because of teasing
Sorry that my answer was confusing and I apologise on behalf of my gender for being so confusing
hope I helped good luck :D
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Am decline to you , she doesn't like him cuz she refuse him ... but u said you are a girl as a girl what you ganna do if its happen like this to you how will you closer to the guy who crush on you? Please answer me to get some more informationnoproblem yesterday

I need you people help me in here dose she the who the move cuz of her frinds or I do it with no care about her frinds but little bit confused if she is shy then she will empress me in front of her pple ......
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Asked May 15, 2014
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