How to convince my parents to let me bleach my hair?

so im 11 and have gotten light brown streaks when I was ten but now when im 11 my mom wont let me get them again after they faded. I really want to get another streak in my weird side bangs thing but they were still longer like past my chin at the bottom of my neck where the collarbone is so like ya how do I convince my parents to bleach and maybe get a red or blue streak should I ask for both at once?
Asked May 14, 2014
Edited May 14, 2014
I got bright neon red streaks :D and they faded too :( I suggest asking to dye your hair Becuase your mom MIght not want you to bleach since it can kill your hair and get it mushy (happend to my best friend it turnd orange and fell out not all of it tho) just ask if you can get a hair cut and get a trim then look through those books and see one with light brown streaks and tell her "hey mom these look cute like when I was 10 do u think I can get them again they'll go we'll with my hair" and act super sweet and nice if he he gets them for you good luck :) I hoped I helped a lil bit
Answered May 14, 2014
ok thanks ill try

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