Is my book copyright to James Patterson's book series: Maximum Ride?

So...I'm making a book series called: Secret Wings and I'm afraid it's copyright to James Patterson's book series: Maximum Ride.

My story description:

The kids have wings, and they escape from a lab full of scientists. But, no, there are not any Erasers or wolf-like creatures of any case. Then, their foster family gets kidnapped and they go save them, but it was actually a con to get them back there. The scientists gave them some kind of potion, but it only works (mostly) on Violet. She gets these dark powers that get set off by negative energy. The others get powers like: Hazel gets snow, Ash gets fire, and Hunter gets...I actually don't know if they're gonna get powers or not, but I know Violet is. The scientists gave it to them, revealing that they received it from their parents who gave it to the scientists to inject it inside them so they could be stronger for an invasion. Also, dark angels will appear, and try to take over the Earth. That was the reason why these angel kids were born. Violet kind of abuses her dark power, and turns evil. She joins the dark side, and leaves Hunter, Hazel and Ash. At the end of Book 3, they help her find her true self in the final battle. She turns good again, but they were no match for the dark ones. Her mother comes to her in a vision and tells her that she must cut of her wings to save the world. So she does, and they defeat all the dark angels.

So that is basically the plan of the whole series. I kind of copied the scientists and the lab where they test on them, but it is still different. I mentioned his book in my story. (Like, I wrote: "We even met the author of the book series: Maximum Ride by James Patterson. I took time to read it and actually, it was kind of funny, we were like the real version of that story. Including scientists, and a lab.")

My question is: Is it still copyright? If it is, what can I edit to not make it copyright?
Asked May 14, 2014
Hmmm it sounds like a good book maybe tweak some parts ask people to read it I don't think it's copywrite maybe if you feel comfortable change the scientist to crazy abusive doctors who want money! Maybe but I think if you change some parts that seem alike :)
Answered May 14, 2014

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