Would a dog be put down?

I was walking my dog a few nights ago he was on his lead. On our way home from the walk a black lab that wasnt on its lead came towards us and my dog got really worried and protective because he was attacked by a lab when he was 2 months old. The dog then growled at him and then I saw the owner who didnt look concerned about their dog. I managed to get my dog away without any problems but I was wondering if my dog had bit the other dog could we be fined or would my dog be put down? I am in the UK
Asked May 14, 2014
it depends on if the owner of the other dog wants to press charges.they can. but thats only if the owner wants to. and I dont think they will put him down, they might give you a warning, and if it happens again they might take him. hope this was helpful. if not, sorry. and im from the usa, so it might be different over there.
Answered May 14, 2014

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