How do decide between taking care of family or taking care of yourself?

So I'm in my early twenty's and I don't have a job and I have a 3 years old son living with my mother and grandparents. I've been trying to get a stable job or find a way off this island I live in. No matter what I do it seems like I always get held back by my family. Even though they encourage me to work hard and try to get off this island, they always seem to need me to stay home and not go anywhere. I got the asvab test and I apply for jobs but with the time they need me at home, I dont have the energy to do anything else. I try,... but I end up burned out and exhausted. ... Now I finally find the time to help myself, and now family calls and says they need me desperately to stay for a while. I've been patient for four years now. HELP! WHAT DO I DO?!!
Asked May 14, 2014
1. Buy a house off the island
2. Live there for a while and get a job it doesn't have to be a stable one
3. Get a better job
4. Get your son living with you so he doesn't grow up without a mum
5. Happy self :)
Answered May 14, 2014
1: Get a better job for Family and yourself
2: Buy a good good
3: make an investment
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