Wiped LG Optimus F3, but Skype is still logged in?

Recently, I did a factory reset on my LG Optimus F3 Android phone. Before that, I had the Skype app installed and my account was logged in. I did not reinstall it after I reset my phone. A few days ago, though, I noticed my status was always "Online." It never changed to "Offline" even when I signed out of and exited Skype completely on my computer. Using the /showplaces text command, I found that my account was somehow still signed in on my phone (localhost Android Skype is what it said). I was able to cancel it with /remotelogout, and using /showplaces again, I was able to see that the command had worked. Then today, a friend informed me that my Skype account was still active even when I had signed out. Logged in, used /showplaces, and saw "localhost Android Skype" once again, closed it with /remotelogout.

I would like to know what's going on with my phone and my account and how to fix it. Like I said, I have not reinstalled the Skype app on my phone, and therefore, I should not be logged in on my phone, but /showplaces says I am.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Asked May 13, 2014

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