What's going on in my body is I'm pregant or nahh I'm really confused and I need help plz help meeee

Me and my bf are trying to have a baby when had sex on ovulation day then I was expecting my period on may 11th but came on may7th was light it was pinkish reddish less and hardly any blood clots like I get on a period but light to five days and it stop then two days later I started bleeding and it was pinkish reddish and brown I put a pad on cause I was nervous and later I went to the restroom look at the pad and I didn't see no blood just dark brown/light .... Do I need to take a pergancy test or nah plz help so confused also I been really tried lately , hungry a lot , using the restroom a lot, feeling dizzy and a stuffy noise and lower back ance
Asked May 13, 2014
Edited May 13, 2014
Take a test. Some women actually bleed if pregnant, my mother did.
Answered May 14, 2014

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