My boyfriend changed his number

im 19 years old my boyfriend is 23 we have beeb in a new relationship together its been for 3 weeks it was good most as a sexuialy relationship but before a week I got drunk and my boyfirend didnt like that he told me to stop our relationship he is afraid to cause him problems nd to destroy his future we discuced about that he told me to be a responsible girl and work hard nd everything will be fine so I started working nd he used to drop me off we saw each other nd he I asked him that u nees a little space he said ya till I will finish my exams cause I cant consentrate in my studies I told him oki I need a space also he told me that he loves me and he will never leave me but doesnt need anyproblem to cause him anything cause he thinks im a little bit problem girl then he went out om my house nd said he wanna prepare for his studies the next day I called him I told him there is no one to pick from work he got alittle angry nd said that we talked about it this morning nd I told ui will drop u everyday until I will finsh my studies ..btw he said he is gonna pick me I told him ok .. when he came I ignored him he asked me what happened I didnt talked to him also he got angry nd I got angry ( cause he is a careless guy) and he knows that I love him really much nd care for him nd I left all guyz cause of him so when he droped me home he said remember younr ignoring me I told him ok he said ok??i told him bye I closed the door nd went inside nd he was gone ... after 4 hours I sent him massage I told him I was a little sad my mom is tierd nd u know I love u nd I dont ignore u nd I wanna u to be the best guy ever nd never cheat on me be honest nd promise me it will never happen .... I woke up morning he didnt reply me I tried to call him his phone was off I went to work nd called him many times on viber also he didnt I sent him sms nd told him that no one gunna drop me home nd some money stolebln from bag nd u have to feel with me plz he didnt reply ... I called him back his friend pick the phone nd told that he left his phone home when he will come I will let hi. call u I told him no u lieng he is beside u .... he cut the phone I caleed him after 4 hours no one was to drop me home ... I called him he pick the phone on viber just for one time nd then he missed call me nd that was bad covarge I tried to call him regular he didnt pick the phone I went back home nd didnt called him for two days nd he too I knew he is having exams yesterday I just sent him sma asked him ... hows ur studies going he didnt replyni tried calling him 6 hours after a sms his phone was closed still now he didnt answer me im trying to call him his phone is off nd the viber was last seen by 10 may but he is still with me on facebook he is offline nd his phone is offline I think he changed his number I dont wanna send him sms on fb he will think I dnt have self respect ... so what I have to do :( today is his last exam nd still now he is off ... did he left me ??
Asked May 13, 2014
My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me 5 months ago. We were in a long distance relationship and things were tough, but nothing that we couldn’t overcome. He told me he wasn’t happy anymore and that we needed to work on ourselves apart because it wasn’t working when we were together. My heart was broken. I was desperate. I cry whole time, until I found this website I used that. I was amazed when love spell start working. He start calling me, apologized and finally back to me. I never believed in that things, but now I do.
Answered May 26, 2015

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