Am I pregnant? I'm 14!

I have all the signs, but I'm only 14. What do I do? I don't live close to a store or anything, I can't drive, and my mom won't believe me. I have to get a pregnancy test without my parents knowing, but how?

Asked May 13, 2014
Edited May 13, 2014
Get a friend or relative that will believe you to come over and drive you, or, go to their house and have them drive you from there. You could also get someone to buy one for you, and give it to you when your parents think your out with friends or something. I am really sorry your parents won't believe you, but they will sooner or later, you just have to prove it to them with the pregnancy test. Best if luck :)
Answered May 13, 2014
Thanks, but there's no one to take me, anyone I tell wont believe me, I tried to tell all my friends, but they just said, "No your not!" What do I do? but thanks anyway, I really appreciate it! :)
Sorry I couldn't really answer it. But you are welcome, I hope you get more help than this :)
that's o.k, it least you tried! and I thank you for that! :)
I need a way to send a pic in of my belly, because it might help me for people to tell me if I look pregnant or not, huh. lol

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