Im 13 5'6 and 245 pounds I need HELP

How much should I weigh and what are some ways to slim down. I have kinda a big build or bigboned whatever they call it but I am really uncomfortable with my body and am looking for ways to change it. For a while I didn't eat anything and lost a couple pounds but it came back and I wanna lose it for good.. Any suggestions
Asked May 11, 2014
Well anorexia is never good- you always have to eat! It's what you eat that matters- make sure to be eating a normal amount of calories, not to much fats and stuff. But exercise also matters. You have to burn off the calories you eat- it might be good to keep track of how many you eat and burn off. It'll be hard and will take awhile, but in the end it might be worth it. Don't expect a transformation automatically, and when you get to a weight your happy with make sure to keep exercising- but don't go over the top and all, if you need help just ask your parents or guardians. Sit them down and have a conversation with them, tell them how you feel and they'll try to help you. If you have any medical issues that -you know- makes you your weight then see what you can do to get slimmer, it won't be as easy as it would be for others, but if your serious about losing weight then seeing what could help and all is worth it.
And your not the only one that feels uncomfortable with their body, I'm thirteen too, but I'm on the -let's call it eh.. Sort of kind of dangerously skinny- and I don't feel comfortable with my body. But I'm also clumsiest person that you'll ever meet- but still, your not alone.
Answered May 11, 2014

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