How do lesbians have sex?

How do lesbians have sex...
Asked May 10, 2014
r u a lesbian ur self? if ur not a lesbian than y did u ask this question.
i think the person who ask this is a lesbian themself thats y they wanted to know so bad.
they dont
Answered May 10, 2014
Some do
rcr12 May 11, 2014
Strap on
Answered May 17, 2014
no strap ons no sex toys at all?
0.0 I agree
Answered Jul 29, 2014
Licking Virginia
Answered Jan 19, 2016

Indian Lesbian Confessions

I used to read many stories and mastrubate on my own, I am going to narrate a story which happens in my real life one week before. My brother is working in MNC Chennai we are staying in Chennai my brother need to go US official last week so he went, I am working in am BPO as Team Manager so I used to go night shift and used to sleep in morning.

This incident happened two days before, in my home my father mother, my brother, Anni and me My Anni is very fair,face looks like Kajol actress , 36,28,36 house wife and she is just 23 age and slim, my self 28 and medium slim, my father and mother went to native place for a week so we both are alone in home. Once I came from night shift my anni used to give me horlicks and used to freshup I taken bath and drink it and will goto sleep then she will wake me up to have tiffen.

There is not water flow in my brother’s bedroom so she is not able to take bath, she tried to wake me I was in half sleep she asked me whether water is comming in my bath room I said yes in half sleep and slept she went to take bath in my bathroom, once she finished her bath she came out in towel its really a nice smell hence I am in half sleep I can still remember her hamam soap smell which wakes me up,

I saw in half eye that she went to her room in towel I am gone seeing her in towel hence its my weekend off that evening I am in home only my self and my anni in home she have the habit of taking bath in night before sleep even I have the same habit I taken bath and slept she said shall I use my bathroom I said no need ask any permission anni use it, once again she came in a towel with like a fresh baby

I act like I am in sleep she started wiping herself in my room itself thinking I am slept, I am watching her acting like sleeping, suddenly her towel felt down accidentally I can see her full back like a flash and half breast she turned to catch her towel she saw me I am wake she is stunned even I dont know what to do she went to her room taking her towel.

Next day morning is also my off its sunday she is not able to c my eyes she gave me horlicks I drank she has not taken bath I said Anni I am sorry for yesterday I don’t know you are there thats why I saw you, she said its k, I said anni even I like you so much she tries to went out I cought her hand and hugged her she restricted and turned I huged her from behind she said aravind its wrong please leave me I am your brother wife if he came to know it will be big problem, I said anni please I like you lot u r my angel today is a nice chance anni please allow me lets enjoy, she shouted at me and tries to pull me to bed I pulled her along with me and felt on bed she tried to get up from bed I rolled and came on top of her,

Hence no one is in home all rooms are closed I droped her down in bed and started to kiss her neck ( neck is a powerful area af all female ) she is restricting me pushing me away but I am strong to have her below me she said aravind its not fair I am your Anni please leave me I said I love you Anni and start removing her saree, she is shuting but not louder telling please dont make me to shout neighbors will come please leave me

I said I need u anni and started kissing her lips she closed her lip and not opened I allowed my tounge to lick her lip she is turning her face left and right at the same time I started pumping her with her saree and started pressing her breast she is loosing control then she understand that I am not going to leave her she shouted k aravind listen to me I stoped but I am in top of her she said I will allow you but you should not enter in to me and not now first fresh up then we will have I thought its better then I hugged Anni and said I love you she said why aravind u have this much lust on me I said from the day I saw you I started thinking you and masturbating she said I will allow you but please maintain secret I said I am sure.

Then I taken bath she went to take bath and came in towel she know I will get her now she came out of bathroom I grabbed her and droped in bed and started kissing her neck she closed her eyes and said aravind we are doing wrong its a sin please dont do I said anni I love u a lot saying that I removed her towel she is not wearing any thing inside towel I started fondling her breast and kissing her lips first she closed her lips later she started responding I am only in shorts she also started to hug me and pnching me with nail I understand she is in full mood I removed her towel completely she is in full nude now wow how beaty she is she looks like angel I started kissing her breast and sucking it like mangoes

She is out of control allow me to enjoy her full breast by raising her breast I sucked bot mellons like anything she is pressing my head hard in her breast I went some what down and kissed her thopple and then went down to pussy area she is having a pubic hair I inserted my mouth and started to suck she is raising her butt to show have her complete pussy

I inserted my tongue and liked it she is moaning ahhhhhh iss ahh aravind ohhhh make lot of moaning noice I removed my shorts and my cock came out she immediately got up and said aravind please don’t u enjoy me with out entering in to me I know I can seduce her I said k and felt over her we both are stark nude I am rolling her in bed she also started kissing me we had a long lip to lip kiss very passionate kiss then I inserted my finger in to her love hole and started finger fucking she is out of control

I saw she closed her eyes and enjoying I stopped she is still closing her eyes I inserted my cock in to her she suddenly opened her eveys and said aravind please dont it’s a sin I said Anni what we did till now is also a sin don’t worry. I gave a thrust my cock went in she is telling I am your anni da like mother I said I love you Anni and started jerking.

She is moaning aravind please remove it please I never cared I started doing fast she is also started responding for my jerk she is raising her hip up when ever I gave her a jerk I started doing very fast to and fro room full of chap chap chap chap sound she is hugging me very tight she came after 20min. of hard work she said please dont leave inside me I am out of control with in few jerks I also came inside her she hugged me very tight we sept like that nude for one hour

Then she waked up and we both seperated she started she did a sin to my brother I said its ok if any thing is with four wall its not a sin I hugged her she also hugged me then we both went for anouther three rounds that day and also continued in night then we are having regular sex till today.
Answered Jan 19, 2016
You want to know? want to see? There are shit tons of the best lesbian porn sites out there!
Answered Jun 18, 2018
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Answered Jun 18, 2018
Well. They lick watch others parts or get strapons
Answered Apr 06, 2021

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