Isn't it abusive to make a Daschund be an outside dog?

My friends family recently bought a Daschund from a yard-sale. The family was trying to get rid of it before they moved. My friends mom, who is allergic to the dog, bought it for her kids anyway. They have no previous experience with dogs, or animals. These previous owners claimed that they have trained the 5 year old dog to be a completely outside dog. So, my friends family has done the same. The dog came with this little heated doggie house that plugs into the wall socket in the backyard. Supposedly this house is enough to keep the dog warm through freezing winters. I don't think it is.

They are not experienced enough to own a dog. For their family, it is a fun toy, not a responsibility. They barely know anything about this type of dog, and it's specific needs, nor have they felt the need to do research. I feel that this dog is suffering because of their lack of knowledge for it's specific care needed. I want to step in and help, but I don't know how. I don't want to cross any boundaries, but I can't let this dog continue to suffer because of their ignorance.

In conclusion, I have a few questions.

Is it abusive to make this dog be an outside dog all the time?
Isn't there anything I can do to help improve the life of this dog, or at least inform the owners?
Is this something I simply can't control, and need to let go of?

I care deeply for this dog, I don't know why, but I do. And I can't stand to not say anything any longer. I want to make change happen.

I apologize for this being so long. I just wanted to get the full story out on the table.

Thank you so much for your time!

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: Please only answers from those with actual professional, or personal experience.

Thank you!!
Asked May 09, 2014
As long as they have shelter, water, food, and a good enough heat source during the winter, it's not abuse.
Answered May 16, 2014
I would say yes. If it were a bigger dog it would be less of a problem because they generate more body heat. Also a small Daschound could easily get hunted by birds of prey. My dog who is 20 pounds was attacked by a hawk, luckily he wasn't hurt, but small dogs are food for big birds. I am not an expert but I know for a fact experts have said to not keep small dogs as outdoor dogs. Another thing Daschounds were bred to burrow in after badgers, so make sure there is a deep foundation around your friends fence in the yard. Make sure the owners are aware of the issues and threats that's arise from keeping a small down outside all the time.
Answered Aug 29, 2014

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