Can someone please answer my question?

Basically, this girl I think likes me but I am really not sure. Firstly, we go to the same training club, and she always wants to work with me, where she asks if I am going roller skating on Friday (the new hotspot in our area) I said yes today, and she kept asking me when I was going until I told her to stop asking. So today, I went and she came with her friends, and she kept saying hi to me, and her friend did too. She kept looking at me, but the funny thing is, she bent down when I was sitting down, so her cheek was near my mouth. I was tempted to kiss it, but I refrained myself. Weirdly, though she says she doesn't want to go out with me so I am really unsure. Please help me!!! Btw, when I ask her why she wants me to go, she either says, just wondering, so I can beat you up in front of my friends (because we go to the same training class) or because she wants to set me up with her friend. Not sure about the cheek thing though. Also, I asked her out over fb. Coward, I know, but she replied 'ew', so I'm really not sure. She also stole my phone and refused to give it back until I stole hers.
Asked May 05, 2014
She obviously like you
Answered May 05, 2014

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