I slept with my best friend's boyfriend twice?!

We've been best friends since age 10 - now 23. She has been in a relationship on/off with this guy (he is an a*s*s if I am honest) for 3-4 years. I used to meet him before she got with him. Usually me and him argue over her, because we fight for her attention I guess. He undoubdetly cheats on her and she claims she isn't 'in a relationship' with him, however she is always at his in the weekdays, goes to watch movies, go for food, etc.

A month ago saw a drunken night out result in me sleeping with him. It was the weirdest thing ever, it shouldn't have happened. We were both so drunk and she wasn't out. Afterwards I cried and felt so deceitful. We said we'd keep it a secret, because it would screw both of our relationships up with her. Things went on as normal and although I felt like a really bad friend, she did the same to me when we were 18. (not that I am justifying sleeping with a best friend's boyfriend,simply stating a fact.)

I didnt see him since the situation, which was about a month ago, until last night(she wasnt out). I didnt expect to see him, he flirted all night and we ended up leaving the club together and getting a taxi to his. It was good, as much as I hate to say it there was a LOT of heat between us. He even kissed me when I left which was weird for him, and asked me to go up today. Obviously I didn't, but I spoke to her today and he was taking her for food, probably to make up for guilt. do I keep a secret forever and vow never to make the mistake again?
Asked May 05, 2014
Give it time and listen to your heart and mind. Who knows he maybe the one for you!
Answered May 06, 2014
she will find out eventually...tell her
Answered May 29, 2014
Rock on Iv been sleeping with jb since I was 8 web made love so many times
Answered May 29, 2014

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