What should I do being falsely accused of child abuse

My boyfriend and I live together he has a 2 YEAR OLD SON who we get every other weekend. The mother of the little boy said that the little boy claims I hit him which I have never laid a hand on the child. The mother says the boy had bruise on his back when child services went to check him out he had a bruise the size of a pinky nail on his back. I never hit the child I have a court appointed lawyer who says I have Nothing to worry about. Can I counter sue for false allegations and slander? Also I have proof to were the mother has said that her son does not need his father in his life . Can I take that to court as evidence that she is just trying to claim false charges? What's the worst that could happen if it was ruled in her favor even though I have never abused the child
Asked May 01, 2014
If you have done nothing, then you don't need to get worried about it. Everything would be fine, she might want to harass you only!
Answered May 03, 2014

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