Help need as many opinions as possible on this situation.

I am a 16-year-old British female attending a British high school (it is not a boarding school)

I have a bad feeling about my Spanish teacher and am genuinely in a predicament. Everything I describe below is pure documentation; none of my statements have been altered or exaggerated. My teacher is also British and I would say she is in her thirties. She stares at me all the time almost like she is trying to steal my soul or stare me out or read what I am thinking, there is something just not right about her, and if I look back she smirks at me. I once confronted her face to face about her behavior, and she stared at me for 30 seconds as if she was trying to figure me out then she turned everything around on me saying that my behavior in class is bad. she then demanded an apology off me so we could have a "functioning relationship". Also she has said to me that I have taken up loads of her lesson planning time by correcting my work even though I said to her not to focus her attention on me. She has also implied that I am mentally inept before as I once got a question wrong and her response was "do you even know your own name" with a giant smirk on her face.

I am not the perfect student--I am a fairly strong character and outspoken if I believe an injustice is going on. I didn't used to do much work either and I would stick up for myself against her and she didn't like this. We have not always got on well as she is terribly sarcastic which really aggravated me. She also said comments to me in class in front of my friends that "I just come to class and flick my hair around like a drama queen" I thought that comment was rather uncalled for.

I have apologized for my behavior in the past to try a fresh start. She was nice to me for a bit and even started to call me "love", which I thought nothing of at the time, but then her behavior just changes all the time. She once made a remark about me and my family not getting on when she knows nothing about my family and then she mocked my name. On another occasion she started using foul language. She has also said to me that, "I have alienated myself from a potential ally and I want you to think about that", which I found rather odd.

In the past she has accused me of bullying her and of thinking that I am better than her (which is just ridiculous). She said to a friend who sits next to me that I am a bad influence on her. However when I asked to drop her Spanish class, she said, "No you are more than capable because you help your friend next to you," so she totally contradicted herself.

Me and a friend from another class once confronted her about her behavior towards us and she would not less us in the room at the same time which was weird. When I went in she twisted everything around on me and said that I was getting self satisfaction out of the situation and that my behavior in class was bad and then she said she was going to report me to the head of year. I always feel like she is trying to manipulate me.

I have to ask her many times before she will mark my work. When I ask her to mark essay work during lesson time, she makes me bring it to her at dinnertime because she knows I'm terrible at Spanish. On one occasion, she sat on top of the table with a fairly short skirt on overlooking me and this made me feel uncomfortable. Then she said one of the words I used was sexual when it clearly was not.Also on another occasion during class I was just helping another student on their computer and she actually physically grabbed my hand and removed my hand from the mouse which I think is not acceptable. I think she knows she makes me feel uncomfortable.I know for a fact that other people who have her as a teacher have complained about her, also she used to work in a private school but left for reasons which I do not know. Although I know that she is on a one year contract so maybe that is why she is getting away with her appalling and discriminatory behavior.

Once when I approached her with my friend to collect my work, I said, "I have come for my paragraphs" and she responded with, "Oooh have you" and then just walked off. Today she said she would mark my paragraphs at dinnertime but when I went to pick them up, although I asked politely, she shouted at me saying, "Look at me, look at me!" Then she said she was sick of me asking her to mark my essays and asked why I can't be normal and mark them myself (these essays are for my GCSE).

People who have come with me to see her have commented on how poorly she treats me. I asked another one of my teachers for their take on the situation. The other teacher suggested that maybe our personalities are very similar. She has said to me before "that I think the world owes me a living" when I don't and I have had to work very hard this year to get my grades up as I used to be a trouble causer in year 9 and 10 but I am very well behaved now. Once I just walked into the classroom and said it was really warm and smelt a tad strange in there to my friend and the teacher interrupted our conversation and went "yes it's from sweaty teenagers" I don't know what she was trying to imply there.On another occasion I was just working with my friend on some work in class and she went "what are you doing?" an I just said "ooh we were just helping each other" and then she went "so you are refusing to do your work then " and I said "no we were just helping each other". She has also told a girl in my class before that her work was rubbish and that her nails like like hooker nails?

I told my parents about my concerns but they think I'm overreacting. I also told my head of year. He held a meeting with me and this teacher which was extremely awkward. She lied to him and then said she has only ever tried to help me. She ended by staring at me and saying, "You have said some very interesting things." Then she recommended that I attend after school sessions with a massive grin on her face. The head of year just brushed it aside. I also found out that she is on a one year contract so that could be why she is getting away with her behavior because she knows she can do what she wants and then just leave at the end of the year at not look back. She normally just gives us a text book and she just tells us to do anything out of it even though we have not covered it.If anyone asks for her help she will just say figure it out yourself, I just said I do not really understand much in this book and she replied with " well it would be a good idea to start at the from then wouldn't it" in a very sarcastic manor Then I just asked my friends for help and she then moved my friends to other tables so that I was on my own. So I went to there table to get help and when I was talking to them a friend from across the room told me that the teacher was glaring at me like really angrily.

i don't really understand her motives. One minute she is happy to help me(and finds things that I say amusing) the next she wants me out of her sight as soon as possible.Also non of my other teachers that I have never have a problem with me,they all say my work is exceptional and that I am pleasant to teach. I told my science teacher what had been going on and she agreed that this woman's behavior is strange.I have tried numerous times to drop this subject but apparently im capable. I just want to know what possible explanations there could be to her behavior ? my parents have tried complaining to the school but they have simply brushed it off and the day after they complained this teacher was even more hostile to me than usual. So I am really limited as to what I can do now. She has caused me so many problems and I have been so tempted to actually hit her before.
Asked May 01, 2014
If she keeps on doing this, record her if you have a phone or any other device to do so and turn in the conversations to the head of the school. You have to keep trying to get your peers and all parents to complain about her it's the only way to get her gone, encourage strengh in numbers. Believe me, students out weigh the number of teachers. Get people to speak up with you, I'm sorry you half to deal with this. Hope this helps!
Answered May 02, 2014
Tell your parents to talk to her, record her and say something simple as, dont yell at me, i'm human too. anyway, just stay strong and ignore her. Hope this helps, in some way :)
Answered May 30, 2014

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