My bestfriend for years fell out with me because he used me (I'm gay)?!

I do not know where to start! It happened a year ago and basically me and my bestfriend were at a sleepover with lots of people. We just ended up alone in a room together and then he suddenly came onto me (I didn't know he was bi/gay and Infact I had feelings for him at this point) so we kissed and made out for a while. (I thought he must have liked me if he had done this). So I asked him a couple days later why he did and he'd always avoid answering my questions and in my defence I wanted to know why/what it was about because ai liked him. But anyway, he would never give me a straight answer. Two months after this we both were still best friends and went to my friends sisters 21st party and the plan was for him to stay round mine (because we are friends and one if my other friends was meant to come but was ill or something). And I don't even know how it happened but when we got back.. We ended up kissing again and I wasn't even expecting this to happen because he never said he was curious or whatever. We went further than kissing but not sex or blowjobs (mind my language). So after this happened I was as you could say 'in love' with my bestfriend and I wanted to know why he had done this. I told my bestfriend who I can trust (I know it wasn't the right thing to do but I wanted to talk to someone about it) and I told my bestfriend (the guy who I had kissed twice) she knew because I felt disloyal to him and I didn't want to lie. So anyway, my friend who I told said her and my friends had assumed we had a thing at the first sleepover which shocked me (but she didn't really care as she's not a gossipy person) but she still kept it a secret. Anyway me and this guy had arguments up to now and I am still in love with him and I am pretty sure it's love except now we don't talk at all. We are not best friends anymore and he says he doesn't trust me because I told my friend. He admitted he was curious but says he doesn't like it but I know he may be bi or something just he's too scared to come out. Sorry for this big paragraph! I just want to ATLEAST be his bestfriend like we were for many years, advice would be helpful on what to do :( p.s I'm 16.
Asked Apr 29, 2014
He might be having a hard time accepting himself/coming out.
He is not ready to be with you right now.
I think you should move on.
Answered May 15, 2014

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