I need help with a complicated dating situation.

So to start off my family and this girls family are close and we have know each other for a few years. Sense day one we would fight with each other. Because of this our families would poke fun at us saying that we love each other. Now the thing is, I have caught her staring at me a lot throughout the years and I caught myself doing the same thing, plus there have been a couple of times that we would get along and when we did it was always great and amazingly fun. But with all this I felt the only between me and her, we knew without talking to each other, why we act the way we do and that we might actually like each other. Now with this in mind, recently she has been coming to my house alot, being nicer to me and around me, and a couple of times she has asked me to help her with her homework, and she has never asked me that ever. So now I'm confused because just a month or 2 before, she acted like she hated me and now she is acting nicer. I think I might actually like her because lately I can't get her off my mind, and I want to know if what I'm thinking, that if we both know we secretly like each other, is not just in my head, and how do I approach this and ask her out or something. (P.S. when she came to my house one time she wanted to know our WiFi password so my dad said that we had to hug (our first) and as soon as he said that she stood up fast but said like "no, never" and stuff like that, while getting closer to me. And finally we did and she got the WiFi)
Asked Apr 29, 2014
Have you tried asking her what she thinks of you?
And if she doesn't give you an answer you could also ask her friends what she thinks of you?
sorry I wish I knew exactly how she feels, I've never been in that situation nor have I acted like that before myself. And I wish I could be more help. Good luck :)
Answered May 01, 2014

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