Worrying over something embarresing. plz help

well this is REALLY embarressing so plz dont answer with silly or nasty comments. well about 5 years ago when I was about 7 or 8, I accidentally shit myself on my parents sofa cushions which cost a lot of money. it happened because I felt REALLY unwell and had a massive tummy problem and diarea at the time, and couldnt make it to the toilet in time. I cleaned it up really well because I was so embarresed and afraid of my parents or anyone else finding out. so I cleaned it up well using toilet paper, water, wet towels, and special stain remover. etc. but recently I found a stain where it was and I am worried that someone might get suspicious and I am feeling really bad, worried and guilty. and I dont know if I can live with the guilt forever and them not know anything about it, but I cant own up because I will get battered and it will be really awkward. am I worrying over nothing? will it be okay? thanks. PS sorry about wrong category!
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Asked Apr 27, 2014
Edited Apr 27, 2014
It's completely normal to feel embarrassed about stuff like that. It wasn't your fault, so if your parents find out or you end up telling them, they should understand. Accidents happen, and you're going to make mistakes in life, which makes us wish we could turn back the clock and start over. If you're parents can't see that, then that's their problem. I'd suggest not to worry if the stain isn't too big, but if it is, you could just come out and tell your parents the truth. Hope this helped. Good luck! :)
Answered Apr 27, 2014

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